The Story of Figaro and Zola: the furry Cat Pets

Compared to my previous two blogposts where I am like a professional reviewing a certain few at home laser devices, today I will share a whole different topic. Although my previous topics were an unbiased and a non sponsored genuine topic through personal experience and observation for the satisfactory results.

Okay so health and the general existence of any individual apart from what you eat, a healthy lifestyle and a disciplined round, is the people you surround yourself with. If you find no people to connect with on common grounds, there is always a pet or pets. In my case it is my cats.

Someone loyal, someone who looks upto you is your pet. And it is true, even a stray on the streets, you feed him/her (will not use ‘it’ for an animal although ‘it’ would be grammatically correct, this is my way of appreciating the animal species), he/she will remember you for the rest of their life span. As a part of the ecosystem we are placed on top of the Pyramid. Not so we can abuse and damage their habitat, but so we can provide them a safe haven, care and most importantly Love. Love is not something only we as human beings crave. Although this love is misunderstood to our carnal urges. There is so much more to the concept of Love: from being unconditional, emotionally involved and an intellectual communication. However this would be a whole different topic for discussion. Animals in general are quite intellectual, emotionally available and quite the nurturer. I am a cat mom to six cats, so I know. Previously I was a cat mom to Pomeranian dog Bambino, he happily passed away in his old age.

End of the year 2019, we welcomed a male and female Persian cat, Figaro and Zola who equally became a part of my family. At first Figaro seemed distanced and defensive. I grabbed his attention communicators. He was soon my favourite and I was his. Miss Zola however a nurturing and independent cat is fine on her own. From two tiny kittens to healthy wise cats they helped my family get through the Corona Virus Lockdown.

The First Generation Baby Looney Toons: FIGARO & ZOLA

Considering that we had a male and a female kitten under the roof, my female cat’s pregnancy was inevitable. She was soon pregnant. The one question that would pop in one’s mind: “Were we breeding cats for business?” At first that was the idea. Persian Cats are sold as merchandise. It’s a trend and quite the novelty to own a Persian Cat. In fact ones status is determined with the kind of bred animal you possess. Did we get the cats solely for this? Quiet honestly no! Once my pet dog was laid to rest, we did not want to emotionally invest in any pet. But my mother’s retirement dream was to be the proud owner of a pet cat, preferably Persian Cats, so she cuddle them. Although the rest of us objected the idea, we gave into it.

We are a middle class family and our lifestyle is sustainable and not luxurious. At first the idea was just one cat, that too male. My mother asked the owner how many kittens did she have up for adoption, so the owner promptly replied two males and one female, two months old. My mother could not resist the photographs of the kittens sent to her. She made a deal with the kittens foster owner over the phone for one ginger colored male and a tri-colored female. When she cut the call, I and my sister pounced at her in surprise, “TWO CATS?”. My mother’s idea here was yin yan, so one would have the other to play. Everything would be balanced with each others companionship. We were not too happy with the idea. But as soon as the kittens arrived our humble home, we sailed with the idea. The two puny, furry animals tippie toeing around our small home, I was instantly in love. As I have expressed earlier my male cat was a distanced and defensive little kitty. But I befriended him so quickly. I could tell he embraced us as his family with his shinning beady eyes. I had not entirely gained the favour or trust of my female cat. It was only once she delivered her second batch of kittens.

My female cat was pregnant the second year on December 2020. And at this point we were worried of how we would feed the kittens, whether we were on board to join our small family. There were instances where we would argue about getting them neutered. Sadly the first batch of kittens did not survive, the mama cat was too weak to lactate at the time. We called the vet and narrated the whole pregnancy and both our cats checked. We were very upset that month. It is not a good scene to have something living one day and be gone the next day. The vet then educated our ignorant brain, that this breed should not be treated like the ordinary local cats. They need pre-pregnancy care and post pregnancy care. So first thing was deworming and the next was some vaccine and a booster. That day I realized, that like humans, animals also get depressed and pensive for their failed pregnancy. My female cat kept searching the box she had littered in. There were four kittens and how were they all gone? Even so my male scratched the box to find his kind vanish in thin air. My family then decided to let them try again. And behold the day arrived, my female cat conceived again on February 2021, three kittens like herself and one ginger female kitty like the daddy cat. A wholesome, complete family indeed.

The Zola Comrade

When I held the tiny kittens, so small, eyes not opened, healthy, well fed by the mama cat, I realized the mama cat would not want to part from her babies. That instance I realized that we would not give away any kitten. The kittens arrived into their very home, without a worry of being moved elsewhere, nor having to adjust with the new family, or having to learn behavioral patterns of their owners. I would very happily take the responsibility of the kittens. Their vaccinations, their prescribed food: wet and dry, everything. I could not bear the thought of giving away the kittens, separating them from their lot, especially the mother. As two months passed by the Vet was called in for the post pregnancy check up of my female cat and to get tiny pricks to furry tush of the kittens. My kittens are ten months old now, playful, well-fed and happy with their small happy family. However my responsibility has increased.

The Second Generation Baby Loony Toons, greeting “Hello” .

Getting through all this, you learn to communicate and have a sense of understanding of what your pet is feeling and how comfortable they are around you. The tiny cat brains of my female cat captured my family’s positivity and the caresses towards her and her kittens. Not to brag, but from the time of her contractions to the time of her delivery there was a massive gratitude that was sensed from her wide beady eyes. The cat who was once so independent and self-driven, now confided in me and she follows me wherever I go, that is she moves around the small space of my humble home, staying by my side. She greets me first thing in the morning, welcomes me home, when I arrive from work and hops on to my bed after a hard days of work.

That’s the very bit of my beloved Zola and Figaro and how they changed my world, helped us get through the difficult and frustrating times of the corona virus lockdown. As they kept us busy and entertained, we learned a lot about animal behaviour and their instincts. For now that’s all, although I should be sharing a blog post on their diet and food intake, which will be less of a narrative and more of an informative text.

My video on introduction to my cats

Introduction to the kittens

A reel on my kittens

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Maya Redux

Maya Redux

This will be my personal space to share my Personal Experience. A side note subscribe to my channel

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